Kei's Saga and TGBTG Announcement

I've decided to remove Kei's Saga from the site for the time being. I plan on entirely revamping the comic and putting a bit more thought into making it the comic I want it to be. That being said I also plan on putting more thought into TGBTG, so updates will be a bit further apart while I focus on my craft. Final exams end for me today, which will give me some time to work on pages over winter break, however updates may become even less often come January. I've been given a project opportunity that will require most of my comic focus, Also the spring semester starts January 14th. I'll do my best to get some pages to you over break starting with a three page update on Sunday. I'd feel bad if I spent the whole month not getting some comics out.

Thank you to all who have interacted with my posts, followed, subscribed, and commented. Your feedback means the world to me.

-Kei <3

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